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California Chicken
We have more than just great chicken. We carry a full line of poultry products like turkey and squab. We also carry specialty products like rabbit and quail eggs. Use the menu on the left side of the screen to browse through our extensive inventory.
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1159 Range Brsts Bnls-On Less Case
1160 Range Brsts Bnls-Off 40# 42104
1161 Range Brsts Bnls-Off Less Case
1164 Fulton Fryer Brst Tenders
1165 Fulton Brst Tenders(Less Than A Case)
1166 Fryer Breast Bnls-On Sized
1168 Fryer Breast Boneless Skinless Sized
1169 Breast Meat Fajita Meat
1170 Fryer Breast Airline Sized
1171 Fryer Breast B/S Cubed
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