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Ordering Information
How to Place an OrderYou may place an order in one of three ways. First, you may phone your order in. Our phone lines are open from 5 am to 6 pm, and we monitor the phones from 6 pm to midnight. (You may also leave an order after midnight in our answering system.) In general, we are able to process orders for the following day. We do, however, have an order cut-off time of 7pm for next-day delivery in the Peninsula, Marin and Wine Country (Napa Valley) areas. Occasionally, special order items may not be available for next-day delivery.You may also fax your order in. Keep in mind that the same conditions apply to fax orders that apply to phone orders.You may also set up a standing order. In other words, we will deliver a specific order to you on a specific day (or days) every week. For more information on setting up a standing order, speak with one of our sales representatives.How and when do I pay for my order?We have many different types of payment options. Some customers like to pay for their orders on-the-spot. Other customers have applied for credit with us, and are billed on a weekly or monthly basis. To find out the right option for you, call our Bookkeeping Department at (650) 756-3603. Ask for Dave Granahan or Marlene. We have a credit application available on our website. Click here to view.Is this your first time ordering?If so, it's best that you speak with a sales representative. It's important that we communicate in order to understand your product needs. To speak with a sales representative immediately, call (650) 756-3603. You may also email a query to I place my order online?We prefer that you phone your order in. Because orders need to be filled in a short amount of time, we want to speak with you when you place your order to ensure the specifications are correct.
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